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Barbie ™ A Fairy Secret is an app that was released on March 11, 2011. It was compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, though it required iOS 3.2 or later.[1] The app's product number is X2256 and it was discontinued in 2013.[2]


"Shhhh... Barbie® has a secret to share: fairies in disguise live all around us and now you can become one too! You can be the best fairy friend ever when you help fairies visiting our world, find their way back home.

Have you ever wanted to be a fairy? It’s so easy to turn yourself and your friends into fairies with dazzling wings! Take a photo with your device or select one from your gallery then adjust image. Wave your device from side to side and whoosh, you’re a beautiful fairy from Gloss Angeles™!

  • Change fairy fashions, backgrounds or go from day to night with a shake.
  • Gently blow into the mic and the fairy’s wings flutter.
  • Tap the screen and to make her head bobble.
  • Shake again for even more fantastic fairy combinations.
  • Have a favorite fairy look? Save it to your gallery and share it later!
  • Photos taken using Barbie™ A Fairy Secret app can be found in the Photos app on your device.
  • Select Game to help the fairies get back to their city. In this mode, your device becomes a special viewer that “reveals” the secret fairy portals in our world. Look all around to find a portal then guide each fairy through. See how many fairies you return home before time runs out!
  • Play again and again to beat your last score!
  • Click the video icon for a sneak peek of the latest movie, Barbie™ A Fairy Secret!
  • When Barbie™ finds out fairies in disguise live all around us, she sets off on an action-packed adventure that takes her the fairy world, Gloss Angeles™. With the help of her new fairy friends and her human friends, she discovers the real power of friendship!
  • Exciting DVD coming soon!"[3]