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"Friendship is the true treasure."

– Barbie

Barbie & The Diamond Castle is the 13th Barbie movie. It premiered on Nickelodeon on September 7, 2008, and it was released to DVD on September 9, 2008. It is a musical fairy tale about two girls named Princess Liana, played by Barbie and Princess Alexa, played by Teresa. It is a story about friendship and music.


"Barbie and Teresa tell us the fairy tale story of Liana and Alexa, best friends who share everything including their love of music."

"One day their simple lives change when they are given an enchanted mirror and befriend the girl trapped inside! To save their new friend, Liana and Alexa embark on a dangerous journey to the hidden Diamond Castle, that will put their friendship to the test. But through the power of song and with the companionship of two adorable puppies, the girls face their challenges together and learn that friendship is the true treasure."


The movie begins with Barbie and Teresa writing a song together on their guitars when Barbie's sister Stacie storms in, angry with her friend Courtney. Barbie decides to tell Stacie the story of two friends named Liana and Alexa, who also get angry at each other.

Although the two girls don't have much food and clothes, they have each other, love music, and depend on planting flowers to upkeep their living. They live in a cottage with a beautiful garden in the front yard. One day, they find a pair of heart-shaped stones in the river near their house, not realizing they are the mythical Diamond Castle trinkets. Suddenly, a windy rainstorm occurs that destroys their garden.

When they go inside to stay out of the rain, they turn the heart-shaped stones into necklaces to symbolize their friendship. The next day, after sharing their bread and jam with an old homeless woman, she allows them to take one of her treasures in exchange, and they pick a heart-shaped mirror, but neither of them knows that it's the hiding place of Melody, an apprentice muse on the run from Lydia, who turned evil and turned the other two muses, Dori and Phaedra, into stone after they hid their home the Diamond Castle and left Melody the key. Since the Diamond Castle is the birthplace of all music, Lydia's finding it would mean the end of music and with it, eventually the world. Liana and Alexa coax a song out of Melody by singing and a flying serpent serving Lydia named Slyder is able to locate the young muse by her voice.

With their home burnt down by Slyder, Alexa and Liana head off with Melody to find the Diamond Castle and keep it safe from Lydia, finding two small puppies on their way. Liana names one Sparkles and Alexa names the other Lily. But with no food or money, they eagerly take the place of two wayward musicians at an inn that evening. The always-late musicians, twin boys named Ian and Jeremy hear the girls play and sing and instantly fall for them, but the girls leave them behind at the inn. No sooner are they out of the town than Lydia confronts them, using her magic flute to mesmerize them, but the stones on their necklaces, which are originally from the Diamond Castle itself, protect them.

Unable to mesmerize them, Lydia sends Slyder to get them, but just before he can, the twins from the inn arrive on their horses, and the four of them give Slyder the slip. The women travel with the twins, who wind up running into a troll they had managed to trick the last time they met. The troll vows to eat the boys this time unless the girls answer his riddle. They do, which not only frees the boys but reveals a rainbow bridge that carries the girls off, leaving the boys behind. Liana and Alexa continue to travel but soon run out of food and water.

Liana then spots a mansion in the middle of a wood, and when they go in there for shelter, the servants of it, who are under Lydia's power, tell them that they're the house's prophesied owners and that a legend about two best friends has been foretold. Delighted to finally have more food to eat and more clothes to wear, Alexa decides to abandon the plan to help Melody, but Liana wants to honor the promise they made to Melody, and to this, the two get into an argument. After that, Liana leaves while Alexa stays, ripping off her necklace for Liana's apparent betrayal.

Almost as soon as Liana's gone, Slyder arrives and takes Alexa to Lydia. Alexa tells Lydia that Melody is not with her, and Lydia jesters Slyder over, who sniffs Alexa's basket for the mirror when suddenly, Lily attaches herself to his teeth with her tongue. He swings the puppy around, sending her flying across the ground. After hearing from Slyder that there's no mirror, Lydia asks Alexa, "Where is your friend? Or should I say, ex-friend?" Alexa acts as if she doesn't know where Liana is, and Lydia pulls out her flute to mesmerize her, but Alexa doubts that it will work on her.

Lydia then says, "Bold words for a girl who no longer wears her necklace. As long as you and your friend wore your guardian stones, you were protected. But now..." And she plays her flute on Alexa to get Liana's location, and because Alexa is no longer wearing the heart-shaped stone which would've protected her, she is easily put under Lydia's power. Alexa tells Lydia that Liana and Melody are heading to the seven stones (where the Diamond Castle is hidden), and Lydia sends Slyder to capture Liana.

After Slyder captures Liana, Lydia uses a mesmerized Alexa to threaten Melody into telling her where to find the Diamond Castle. Although Lydia promises to release Liana and Alexa once the Diamond Castle is hers, Slyder knocks the two girls over a cliff, and they very narrowly escape falling into some kind of glowing, green lava-like acid. Lily tosses Alexa's necklace down to Liana, and she uses it on Alexa to undo Lydia's spell. After that, they manage to climb up the cliff when Sparkles leads the twins to where they are, and together, they all head to the Diamond Castle's hiding place.

Meanwhile, Melody keeps Lydia busy by claiming that the key to the Diamond Castle is to place rhinestones in the crevices of the rocks in a certain order, and by the time Lydia catches on, the girls and the twins have a plan of their own set in place. The twins lure Slyder away and keep him distracted while the girls pretend to fall under Lydia's mind-control spell by hiding their necklaces under their shirts. Lydia creates a whirlpool with her flute in a perfectly round pond and commands the girls to jump in and drown, but Liana snatches Lydia's flute instead. Lydia counters by threatening to break the mirror Melody's in, but Melody breaks it herself rather than letting the Diamond Castle fall into Lydia's hands. Liana throws Lydia's flute in the whirlpool, and Lydia wades in after it but gets caught in the flow. She tries to cast a spell to stop the whirlpool, but her waterlogged flute backfires, and she seemingly disappears in a flash of light.

After that's over, Liana and Alexa realize that the song Melody sang earlier is the key, and their singing reveals the Diamond Castle. Stepping onto the castle's bridge changes everyone's clothes to more regal bearings and releases Melody from the mirror while the puppies become sparkly. Melody leads Liana and Alexa to the muses' instruments, but Lydia and Slyder aren't entirely gone, later returning and attacking. Melody saves the instruments from being destroyed, and the girls play and sing, creating a barrier that turns Lydia's spells against her, turning both her and Slyder into stone and bringing peace to the Diamond Castle at last.

With Lydia vanquished, the muses, Dori and Phaedra, return to life and return to the castle. They bestow the title of Princesses of Music to Liana and Alexa, promote Melody to a full muse, give Jeremy and Ian blue rocking electric guitars, and have sparkly tiaras placed on the puppies' heads. Although Melody would love for Liana and Alexa to stay at the castle forever, Alexa says, "Once I would've said yes in the blink of an eye, but now, I just want my old home back. It was more than enough." So the muses give them magical flower seeds to plant in their garden and send them on their way.

When they're home, Liana and Alexa plant the magical flower seeds, and soon beautiful flowers grow which have diamonds on them while Jeremy and Ian are successful in their performances with their electric guitars. When the story ends, Stacie realizes nothing can break true friendship, apologizing to Courtney, and Barbie and Teresa resume their guitar playing.


  • Barbie/Princess Liana: Kelly Sheridan
  • Singing Voice of Liana: Melissa Lyons
  • Teresa/Alexa: Cassidy Ladden
  • Stacie: Chantal Strand
  • Melody: Maryke Hendrikse
  • Singing Voice of Melody: Lara Janine
  • Lydia: Kathleen Barr
  • Slyder: Mark Acheson
  • Troll: Scott McNeil
  • Jeremy: Jeremy From
  • Ian: Noel Johansen
  • Dori/Maid: Nicole Oliver
  • Phaedra/Waitress: Heather Doerksen
  • Innkeeper: Michael Dobson
  • Butler: Ron Halder
  • Old Woman: Linda Sorenson
  • Sparkles/Lily: Veena Sood


  • Diamond Castle
  • Liana and Alexa's Cottage
  • Mansion
  • Valley of Flowers


  • The first blooper was taken from the Valley of Flowers. Liana smells roses, and the scene goes on to where they supposedly found Sparkles and Lily. Unfortunately, when Alexa is about to find them, she sees Lily listening to music with headphones and Sparkles breakdancing.
  • The next outtake is when we're gonna see the heart-shaped stones. Liana's gonna help Alexa skip the slippery stone, but she slips into the water. Alexa is then shown with a fish on her head.
  • The next scene is at the Diamond Castle. It begins with Sparkles and Lily covered in glitter, and they shake themselves, so the glitter on them comes off. Glimmer, the sparkly pink horse, sneezes, then the director says, "Bless you." and Sparkles and Lily giggle.
  • The next one is when Wilhelm the troll catches Sparkles and Lily in the film, but the puppies are gone. It turns out that they're dancing again, and Wilhelm starts to dance with them. The director then says, "Uh, people, people, focus, please."
  • The next blooper is a scene that's never seen in the final film. Glimmer is on her way to the Diamond Castle when a bird gets in her way. Glimmer is glad that she didn't hit the bird, but the bird is then shown relaxing on Glimmer's head.
  • This scene is before Slyder catches Alexa. He flies on the roof when he slips, hitting his chin. He claims he meant to do that and laughs, embarrassed, and his eyes start rolling in different directions.
  • The next scene is when Alexa's been mesmerized by Lydia and begins to walk to the edge of the cliff. Lily tries to stop her by pulling Alexa's dress, but she pulls it so hard that she tears it off, revealing her underwear. Embarrassed, Alexa starts to laugh when Lily's embarrassed about what she did.
  • The last scene is after Melody's freed from the mirror, who then hugs Liana and Alexa. The director says, "Cut! Now that's a wrap!" And Lily and Sparkles are shown dancing again, and the three girls laugh at them.


  • This film marks the 20th anniversary of Teresa and Barbie being friends.
  • Barbie has a completely different design.
  • This is the first movie to include Barbie's other sister Stacie, as well as the first film since Barbie of Swan Lake to have Barbie tell her sister a story.
  • "Connected" is an English version of the Mexican group RBD's song Tenerte y Quererte.
  • Glimmer resembles Brietta from Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus.
  • The mansion's butler looks just like Fabian from Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses, on that note, the mistress of the mansion looks just like Princess Blair from the same film.
  • While in the mansion, Alexa finds a closet full of dresses that look similar to the ones in Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses and to Princess Luciana's purple gown from Barbie as The Island Princess.
  • Liana was initially meant to be named Emma and Alexa was going to be named Isobel.
  • The early trailer shows Liana and Melody with a different hairstyle, and it refers to the heart-shaped stones as "Guardian Stones". Not to mention Melody has strawberry blonde hair.. In fact, Melody looked very much like Princess Fallon from Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses.
  • At the beginning of the movie, there are photos of Barbie, Teresa, and Nikki.
  • This was the last Barbie movie to air on tv before being released on DVD.

Also Known As[]

  • Portuguese - Barbie e o Castelo de Diamante
  • Dutch - Barbie en het Diamantkasteel
  • French - Barbie et le Palais de Diamant
  • Albanian - Barbie dhe Kështjella e Diamanteve
  • German - Barbie und das Diamantschloss
  • Italian - Barbie e il castello di diamanti
  • Spanish - Barbie y el Castillo de Diamantes
  • Polish - Barbie i diamentowy pałac
  • Finnish - Barbie ja Tiamttilinna
  • Turkish - Barbie ve Kristal Şato
  • Greek - Η Μπάρμπι και το Διαμαντένιο Κάστρο
  • Persian - باربى و قصر الماس
  • Croatian - Barbie i dijamantni dvorac
  • Hungarian - Barbie és a Gyémánt Kastély
  • Georgian - ბარბი და ბროლის სასახლე
  • Russian - Барби и Хрустальный замок
  • Hebrew - ברבי וטירת היהלומים
  • Japanese - バービーのダイヤモンドの城
  • Chinese- 芭比之钻石城堡