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"If you love something, set it free."

– Barbie

Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale is the 26th Barbie movie. It was released direct to DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Copy on October 22, 2013. The TV premiere on Nickelodeon was on December 8, 2013. The movie follows Barbie and her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea as they visit a horse-riding academy in the Alps, and Barbie encounters a legendary herd of horses.


"Barbie and her sisters set off on a Swiss adventure to the majestic Alps, where they're excited to spend the summer at a fun filled riding academy! Barbie can't wait to find a new horse to bring back to Malibu. Stacie is super excited to prove she's an amazing equestrian. All Chelsea wants to do is ride the big horses, and Skipper's more interested in writing about the great outdoors than experiencing it. The sisters' vacation gets off to a rocky start, but when Barbie discovers a mysterious wild horse in the woods, their visit becomes truly magical."


Barbie, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea go to the Alps to visit their aunt Marlene's Alpine Riding Academy during the summer. They arrive in their camper and are greeted by Marlene, as well as their twin cousins Marie and Max and the twins' dogs Popcorn and Sebastian. Barbie and her sisters are given a room. Skipper used to love horses, but now she is more interested in technology. She stays in the room to update her blog while Barbie, Stacie and Chelsea go to see the horses.

Stacie and Chelsea have never ridden horses before, but Stacie assumes that she will quickly excel at horse-riding since she is good at every sport she tries. Marlene explains that beginning riders never pick their horses and instead, the horses pick the rider. Stacie is chosen by a horse named Pepper, and Chelsea is picked by a small pony named Dash. Chelsea wishes she could have a big horse like Stacie. Alpine's riding master, Etienne, mentions a tournament. Marlene says there is an annual Inter-Academy Equestrian Tournament between Alpine and all the other local riding schools, and the prize money is substantial. This year, Alpine is hosting.

Skipper goes outside and tries to film Stacie getting on Pepper for the first time, but Stacie falls into some mud. Jonas, Albain and Theo, three boys from Ecole Montagne riding academy, see Stacie fall and laugh at her. They tease Stacie, so Skipper uses her table to put a picture of Jonas' face on a monkey's body. Meanwhile, Barbie goes to see the thoroughbred horses in the stable. Barbie is an experienced horse-rider so she is allowed to pick her own horse. She settles on Finian.

The next morning, a goat named Barnaby wakes up Barbie and her sisters. Later, Barbie and her sisters go horse-riding. Barbie spots an unusual horse in the distance. The horse has pink streaks in her mane and is standing next to a waterfall. Barbie looks away for a moment, and the horse is gone when Barbie looks back. In the evening, Barbie notices that the Alpine logo looks like the horse she saw. Barbie hears Etienne singing "Fais dodo". She follows his voice to the stable, where Etienne is brushing a horse named Reynaud.

Barbie asks Etienne about Alpine's logo and says she feels like she's seen the horse somewhere. Etienne replies that the horse doesn't exist, and the logo is based on a fable of an ancient herd of wild horses called the Majestique. Etienne explains that the Majestique were the smartest, fastest, bravest horses and had a pink streak in their manes. He adds that the Majestique looked like they were flying when they jumped, and claims that no Majestique was ever caught or photographed.

Etienne's brother, Philippe, interrupts and dismisses the Majestique as a fairy tale. Philippe is the riding master of Ecole Montagne and believes that horses are unintelligent beasts meant to serve humans and fear riding crops. Philippe leaves and looks in an old photo album. He finds a photo of himself and Etienne when they were younger. Philippe uses a magnifying glass on the photo and sees a Majestique horse in the background. He laughs to himself.

The following day, Barbie and Finian go back to the spot where Barbie saw the unusual horse. Finian gets scared by an strange noise. Finian stands on his hind legs and Barbie falls off. Finian runs away and Barbie is surrounded by a pack of wolves. The unusual horse rescues Barbie, but runs away when Barbie tries to pet her after. The next day, Stacie fails to ride Pepper. Stacie feels humiliated and asks Marlene for a new horse, but Marlene says Pepper chose Stacie for a reason.

Barbie searches for the unusual horse and finds her. The horse's leg is trapped in some boulders, so the horse is in pain. Barbie sings "Fais dodo" to calm down the horse and manages to free the horse's leg. Barbie uses a scarf she is wearing to bandage the horse's leg, then feeds the horse an apple. Barbie names the horse Majesty. Meanwhile, Chelsea avoids Dash. Marlene encourages Chelsea to give Dash another chance. Marlene tells Chelsea that Dash likes her and they have things in common. Chelsea goes to find Dash.

Philippe searches the Alpine land and finds some of Majesty's hair near the boulders where she was stuck. He sees Barbie nearby and begins spying on her. At Alpine, Stacie and Pepper practice for the tournament's cross-country event. When Stacie gets cocky, Pepper finds it off-putting and stops abruptly. Stacie falls off Pepper again. Meanwhile, Barbie tries to put a saddle on Majesty but Majesty doesn't want to wear it, so Barbie gets on Majesty without one. Philippe sees Barbie riding Majesty. Later, Majesty takes Barbie behind the waterfall where Barbie first saw her. Behind the waterfall is the Valley of the Majestiques, and the whole herd is there. Majesty kneels before Barbie and Barbie curtseys back.

Marlene reveals to Skipper that she may have to sell Alpine Academy due to low enrolment. Marlene received an offer from Etienne and Philippe's mother, Bridgette Cheynet, but Marlene thinks it was Philippe's idea because he has never forgiven Etienne for coming to Alpine. Marlene says if Alpine doesn't win the tournament prize money, she will have to accept Bridgette's offer. Skipper is confident that the Roberts sisters can help to win the tournament, so she goes to talk to Barbie about it.

Skipper finds Barbie with Majesty and explains that Alpine must win the tournament or Marlene will have to sell it. For the tournament, Skipper plans on entering dressage and thinks Barbie should run in the steeplechase with Majesty. However, Etienne is already riding for Alpine and Barbie wants to keep Majesty a secret until she brings Majesty back to Malibu. Barbie is sure that if Philippe sees Majesty, he will recognize Majesty, hunt down the Majestique and break up the herd. At Alpine, Barbie sees Stacie skateboarding instead of practicing with Pepper for the cross-country trial in the tournament. Barbie encourages Stacie to befriend Pepper instead of trying to control Pepper.

On the first day of the tournament, Chelsea wins the Pretty Pony Parade with Dash. Skipper beats Jonas in the dressage competition, and Jonas is impressed by Skipper. Stacie comes 2nd place in the cross-country competition, so Ecole Montagne and Alpine Academy are tied for first place. That night, the Inter-Academy Formal Dance takes place. Skipper and Jonas banter with each other and then he asks Skipper to dance. Outside of the dance venue, Philippe secretly unlocks a horse corral. Chelsea notices the big horses in the corral and tries riding one. The horse panics and kicks the corral open, so all of the horses escape and run away. The horse kicks Etienne hard, breaking his arm.

Chelsea falls off the horse, but she is okay. Barbie, Skipper and Jonas search for the horses until sunrise. Barbie figures out that the horses might be in the Valley of the Majestiques, so they go there. They find that Majesty led the horses to the valley. Barbie tells Jonas to keep the Majestiques a secret and he nods. Philippe finds them on their way back to Alpine. Philippe calls Jonas a traitor and tells him not to return to Ecole Montagne. Philippe is sure the Majestiques are somewhere on Alpine land and that Barbie has found their valley, but Barbie plays coy. Philippe is confident he will win the steeplechase since Etienne has broken his arm and is unable to compete.

Philippe plans on winning the steeplechase, buying Alpine Academy and its land, and then finding the Majestiques and profiting off them. Barbie is determined to win the race, so she competes with Majesty. Skipper films the race. Majesty dislikes Barbie using a saddle, and Majesty is scared by camera shutters and flashes when the race begins. Philippe takes the lead by hitting his horse Hurricane with a riding crop and sabotaging his competitors. He tears Majesty's saddle and Barbie falls off. Barbie gets back on Majesty without the saddle. With one jump left in the race, Hurricane and Majesty jump. Majesty jumps higher than Hurricane and looks like she's flying. She takes the lead.

Hurricane has enough of being hit and stops abruptly, so Philippe falls off. Barbie and Majesty win the race. Barbie gets a trophy and Alpine wins the overall Tournament Cup. Bridgette scolds Philippe and congratulates Barbie and Marlene. When Barbie and her sisters are ready to go home, Barbie tells Marlene she had the best summer ever. Marlene says that once Skipper posted her video of the race online, Alpine's enrolment tripled. Marie adds that she also signed up several students from her school.

Before the girls leave, Skipper banters with Jonas, and Chelsea acknowledges that Dash was the right pony for her. Stacie admits she will miss Pepper even though she had embarrassing experiences with her. Barbie wants to bring Majesty to Malibu, but they see some Majestiques in the distance. One of them gestures for Majesty to come back. Barbie has a change of heart and refuses to separate Majesty from her family. Marlene thinks Barbie made the right decision. Majesty kneels for Barbie and Barbie curtseys back. Marlene says that if Barbie comes back, then Majesty will come back too.


  • Kelly Sheridan as Barbie
  • Kazumi Evans as Skipper
  • Claire Corlett as Stacie
  • Ashlyn Drummond as Chelsea
  • Alex Kelly as Marlene
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Max
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Marie
  • Colin Murdock as Monsieur Etienne, and the tournament announcer
  • Peter Kelamis as Monsieur Philippe
  • Maxine Miller as Madame Cheynet
  • Cole Howard as Jonas
  • Gabe Khouth as Albain
  • Theo Bell as Theo

Non-Speaking Characters[]

  • Majesty and the Majestique herd.
  • Marie and Max's dogs, Popcorn and Sebastian.
  • The Alpine horses - Pepper, Dash, Finian, Reynaud and Juniper.
  • Barnaby the goat.
  • Philippe's horse Hurricane.


The film was initially released on October 22nd, 2013 on DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack and digital copy. The bonus features are outtakes, a music video for the movie's theme song "You're the One" performed by Heavynn Gates, the music video for "Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse Theme Song" performed by Allie Feder, and the Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse episodes "Gone Glitter Gone - Part 1" and "Gone Glitter Gone - Part 2".

There is also a Trailer Gallery on the DVD and Blu-ray releases with trailers for Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, the Barbie Premium Experience only on Royal Caribbean International, Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess, Barbie in The Pink Shoes, Barbie The Princess & the Popstar, Barbie The Pearl Princess, Barbie in A Mermaid Tale, Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2, Barbie Princess Charm School, Barbie A Fairy Secret, Barbie A Fashion Fairytale and the Barbie Movie Collection, which advertises all of the Barbie movies up to Barbie and The Three Musketeers (excluding The Barbie Diaries).

  • advertising the movie.


Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale did not get its own section on, but when it was released, the homepage advertised it and a Coloring Storybook was made available to print, but the link to it expired when the homepage changed. In the Videos section of as well as the official Barbie YouTube channel, the Bloopers, Music Video and Trailer were made available to watch. The teaser trailer was never added to or the YouTube channel, and was first seen on the Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess DVD and Blu-ray releases.

A launch event in the US took place in New York City on from 2-5pm on October 22nd called "Pony Up" and girls of all ages were invited to receive a Barbie-inspired ponytail. There were five options from Barbie's Look Book that were illustrated by designer Robert Best. Stylists from John Barrett Salon used a pop-up salon to create the looks. covered the event in a YouTube video.

In the UK, Barbie and The Pony Club collaborated to have a Barbie Pony Tale Experience Day on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th October. It was a free, interactive day for children aged 3-11 years old to learn about horses and horse-riding. No prior horse-riding experience was necessary to attend. Each class took photos and videos of their activities and were judged by The Pony Club. The winner got to meet Charlotte Dujardin, who won two gold medals for her horse-riding in the London 2012 Summer Olympics.


  • Popcorn jumps onto a haystack that Sebastian is lying on, which sends Sebastian flying into the air. Marlene catches Sebastian, and then catches Popcorn, Barnaby and a horse.
  • After Max delivers a line, a horse's tail whips him in the face.
  • When Barbie rides Majesty for the first time, Majesty jumps and then stops in mid-air and drops.
  • Take 1 of Philippe falling off his horse during the Pacific Steeplechase is shown and he lands on the ground in front of some manure.
  • While Barbie is riding Majesty, she gets knocked off by a tree branch and Majesty keeps running.
  • As Etienne begins to talk to Barbie about the Majestiques, a horse hits him in the face with its tail.
  • In the same scene, Philippe also gets hit in the face by a horse's tail.
  • Take 43 of Philippe falling off his horse is shown and he falls out of the shot.
  • When Marlene tells Skipper she may have to sell Alpine Academy, a horse tail whips her in the back of the head.
  • Take 91 of Philippe falling off his horse is shown and he hits some manure head first. Someone off camera says, "That's just weird."
  • After Barbie lets Majesty go free, Marlene says Majesty and Barbie will meet again. Immediately, Majesty appears grinning behind Barbie and Marlene, and they laugh.
  • Take 276 of Philippe falling off the horse is shown and he finally lands in the manure as planned, but is told to try it once more with "feeling".
  • In the Alpine Academy stable, the horses dance in sync.
  • Take 957 of Philippe falling off the horse is shown and it has become dark outside since Take 276. Philippe lands in the manure but someone says that they weren't recording.


  • This was the first Barbie movie to be animated by Arc Productions, followed by Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure and Barbie: Star Light Adventure. Arc Productions also did pre-production for Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase.
  • Arc Productions also animated the series Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse from 2012 onwards. In the episode "Mission Impawsibble", there is a poster for Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale in a movie theater.
  • The Majestique breed was inspired by a real breed of horses which Hannibal used to cross the Swiss Alps.
  • "Pony Tale" is a pun on the word "ponytail".
  • The license plate on the camper is 1959, which is the year Barbie debuted.
  • This is the first movie to mention the Roberts' surname.
  • Marie mentions Kartoffelkuchen, which is potato cake.
  • The music heard during the dance is Mozart's "A Little Night Music".
  • Marie says "konnichiwa" to Etienne when he arrives at the dance party. It means "hello" in Japanese.
  • The other horses in the tournament are named King's Cross, Teacher's Pet, Prima Donna, Way to Go, Raclette, and Creme Brulee.
  • Stacie loses her competition to a girl named Stephanie Cota. When the movie came out, Stephanie Cota was the Mattel senior vice president for Barbie marketing. Stephanie Cota's name is in the end credits under "Special Thanks."
  • The plot has several similarities to similar to Barbie A Fashion Fairytale:
    • Barbie's aunts' name begins with an "M".
    • Barbie visits her aunt who lives in Europe and runs a business there.
    • Barbie's aunt's business has financial trouble so Barbie and another character come up with a way to save the business from being shut down.
    • The antagonist sabotages the business and the protagonists' efforts.
    • Barbie and the other protagonists ultimately succeed in saving Barbie's aunt's business.


  • Chelsea draws a picture at the beginning of the movie. When she shows it to Marlene later, the picture is different.
  • When Marie begins bringing in Stacie's luggage, it is pink. When the door opens to the Roberts sisters' room, the luggage is blue. At the end of the movie, the luggage is pink again.
  • In the scene where Skipper talks to Marlene about Alpine's future, Skipper brings her tablet with her but it is gone later in the scene.
  • When Barbie and her sisters are giving Marie a makeover for the dance, none of the clothing or shoes they use ends up in her final outfit.
  • When Philippe and Etienne argue at the dance, Etienne's jacket clips through his pocket square.
  • Jonas wears his riding outfit after Chelsea falls off the big horse, even though he was wearing a formal outfit moments before when he was indoors.
  • During the final race, Barbie's sisters wear their casual outfits. However, when the race is finally over, the sisters' are wearing their horse-riding outfits.
  • At the end, Marie says she and Popcorn packed the bags, but when Popcorn comes out of Stacie's bag, it is empty.

Also Known As[]

  • Croatian - Barbie i njezine sestre u priči o poniju
  • Hungarian - Barbie é Húgai: Um casal de namorados
  • French - Barbie et ses Soeurs au Club Hippique
  • German - Barbie und ihre Schwestern im Pferdeglück
  • Italian - Barbie e il Cavallo Leggendario
  • Spanish - Barbie y sus Hermanas en una aventura de caballos
  • Albanian - Barbie dhe Motrat e Saj në një Përrallë Kuajsh
  • Portuguese - Barbie e as suas Irmãs numa Aventura de Cavalos
  • Brazilian Portuguese - Barbie e Suas Irmãs em uma Aventura de Cavalos
  • Polish - Barbie i jej siostry w Krainie Kucyków
  • Turkish - Barbie ve Kız Kardeşlerinin At Binicilik Okulu
  • Czech - Barbie a Poníková akademie
  • Dutch - Barbie en Haar Zusjes in een Pony Avontuur
  • Russian - Барби и ее сестры в сказке о пони
  • Greek - Barbie & οι αδερφούλες της στην Ακαδημία των Πόνυ
  • Persian - باربی و خواهرانش در افسانه اسب سواری
  • Arabic - باربي وأخواتها في حكاية المهر
  • Thai - บาร์บี้ กับม้าน้อยแสนรัก
  • Chinese - 芭比姐妹与小马
  • Hindi - बार्बी एण्ड हर सिस्टर्स इन ए पोनी टेल
  • Tamil - Barbie & ஹேர் லிஸ்டேர்ஸ் இன் போணி டேல்
  • Sindhi - باربي اينڊ حر سسٽرس ان پوني ٽيل
  • Hebrew - ברבי ואחיותיה באקדמיית הרכיבה
  • Japanese - バービーと姉妹のポニーの大冒険