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Barbie & Barbie: Double the Fun! is an animated series from the Barbie YouTube channel. It stars Barbie "Malibu" Roberts and her friend Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts.


  • Episode 1 (Barbie Tours 🏠 The Barbie Dreamhouse! 💞🏖) - Uploaded September 6, 2021. "Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts arrives at the Dreamhouse to hang out with Barbie "Malibu" Roberts, whose little sisters are O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with her! Chelsea wants to dance with "Brooklyn", Stacie wants to talk about NY basketball and Skipper wants to make music together! "Malibu" asks her little sisters to give "Brooklyn" some space, but "Brooklyn’s” cool - she's an only child and thinks "Malibu's" little sisters are fun! The crew ends the day hanging out at the pool with tacos and smoothies! #Barbie #Barbie&Barbie"[1]
  • Episode 2 (Barbie & Barbie Discover A ✨ MAGICAL Secret Lagoon! 🌈) - Uploaded September 13, 2021. "Barbie "Brooklyn" Roberts and "Barbie "Malibu" Roberts set out for what is supposed to be a quick hike before their spa appointments, but they end up getting lost on the trail! They eventually end up at a secret lagoon hidden in the Malibu hills. What a beautiful surprise and so unexpected! This lesson inspires them to want to write a song together. They discuss their music plans while heading to the spa, where they run into Teresa and Daisy, who are disappointed they weren't included "Brooklyn" and "Malibu's" afternoon of fun. #Barbie #Barbie&Barbie"[2]
  • Episode 3 (Barbie & Barbie 💅 Spa Day 🎀 And NEW SONG! 🎶) - Uploaded September 20, 2021. "Barbie “Malibu” Roberts is worried Daisy and Teresa might be upset after their spa run-in earlier, but Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts reassures her that her friends know her heart. “Brooklyn” & “Malibu” get their spa day on, then head back to the Dreamhouse to meet their friends to practice their new song inspired by the unexpected lagoon experience. They decide they're going to host a pop-up performance on the pier! #Barbie #Barbie&Barbie"[3]
  • Episode 4 (Barbie & Barbie Dance 💃 & 🎤 Sing At The Pier Concert!) - Uploaded September 27, 2021. "It's the day of Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts and Barbie “Malibu” Roberts’ pop-up pier concert! But a rainstorm comes in and threatens to ruin the whole show! And on top of that, Daisy and Teresa are still feeling saddened and left out. What will "Malibu" do? Will the show go on?! #Barbie #Barbie&Barbie"[4]