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Barbie-Q Outfit #962 is a Barbie fashion that was released in 1959.[5] It was manufactured from 1959 to 1962.[6]


"Barbie® doll first demonstrated her culinary skills in the great outdoors at her very own barbecue! She stayed cool in her crisp sundress of dusty rose broadcloth with a full skirt and fitted bodice. Details included button accented shoulder straps and crocheted-look edging on the neckline and armholes and pocket tabs on the skirt. Barbie® doll flipped hamburgers and hot dogs galore (none included! ) with the real metal utensils held in the three pockets on her bibbed white apron! Her utensils included a spoon, knife, and spatula with red plastic handle tips, a wooden rolling pin with red painted handles, and a red and white checkered potholder with a loop for hanging. Barbie® doll topped off her ensemble with a billowy white chef's hat and white open-toe high heels!"
Barbie Fashion: Volume 1, Collector Books[7]

The dress has zip on the back, as well as a cloth Barbie tag. Dresses made in 1959 are tagged "BarbieTM", and dresses made from 1960-1962 are tagged "Barbie®". [8]