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Athena Barbie was a Gold Label collector Barbie designed by Linda Kyaw and released in 2010 as the third, and ultimately final, entry into the Greek Goddess Series.


Being a battle-hardened warrior goddess, Athena is fully decked out in battle armor including a gold breastplate, gold headpiece, gold boots, and a golden shield bearing the face of Medusa Barbie. She is also dressed in a coarse grey skirt reminiscent of chains, and is trailed with a flowing red cape. Her hair trails her back in a long ponytail, a crimson red color.

The doll was marketed to adult collectors, and as a result she is not a toy meant for play, but rather a display piece.


  • This doll was ultimately the last entry into the Greek Goddess Series, but she wasn't meant to be. She would have been followed by Artemis Barbie, initially meant to be the fourth entry into the series, but the prototype unfortunately never went into production.