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The Argentina Barbie Doll was released in 2011 as part of the Dolls of the World collection.


The Barbie Collection[]

""ᄀHola! That's how I say hello. "Barbie® is ready to tango in a stunning charmeuse dress featuring a flowing ruffle and black fringe skirt. For a touch of passion, Barbie doll has a rose around one ankle and in her hair. A black "lace" shawl and fishnet stockings finish the look. Includes "passport, " country stickers, baby cougar and brush." [1]


"¡Hola! That's how I say hello. Welcome to Argetina!

I love the Tango, which is a dance that began in Argentina and is now famous around the world. It's beautiful to watch and fun to do.

A favorite pastime here is sports. Our most popular is soccer, which we call football. The games are so exciting to play or to watch!

From icebergs to forests to sandy beaches and the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, I think you'll love Argentina."