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Aphrodite Barbie is a Gold Label collector Barbie designed by Linda Kyaw and released in 2009 as the second entry into the Greek Goddess Series.


Aphrodite's ensemble is meant to evoke the feel and look of the ocean, as her bangs are styled to resemble ocean waves, and her sea foam green and cream colored gown is meant to cascade like flowing water. Her jewelry and even her shoes are meant to have a seashell motif to them.

The doll was marketed towards adult collectors, and is therefore not considered a toy meant for play.


  • Having been preceded by Medusa Barbie, she is the first doll in the series to actually be based on a Greek Goddess.
  • Aphrodite is the only doll in the series to have a completely static Model Muse body, as the other two (Medusa and Athena Barbie) have some articulation to them.
    • Aphrodite is also the only doll in the series to not have the Bob Mackie face mold. Her face sculpt was a relatively new one, first used on Kentucky Derby Barbie, which was released the same year. However, the face mold is more commonly referred to as the Aphrodite sculpt, because this doll was more popular.