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Allan (also spelled Alan) is a Barbie character. He was introduced in 1964 as Ken's best friend. In Barbie novels, he is named Allan Sherwood.[1]


Allan was named after the son-in-law of Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler. The first Allan doll was released in 1964. He was marketed as Ken's buddy who could also fit into Ken's clothes. In 1991, his name's spelling was changed to Alan. The Wedding Day Alan doll, was him on his wedding day. He was marrying Barbie's friend Midge. The doll was also part of the Wedding Party Midge Gift Set. Festa de Casamento Alan ("Wedding Party Alan") was released in Brazil, but he was marrying a character named Viky. It was manufactured by Estrela Toys under license from Mattel.

In 1992, Alan and Midge dolls were featured in booklets holding baby twins. They were wearing casual, matching outfits, with Midge holding their baby girl and Alan holding their baby boy. Under the dolls, a caption read, "Midge® and Alan™ have adorable twin babies that magically hold their bottle and toys. #5717, #5718". The dolls were not released.[2]

In December 2002, the Barbie® Happy Family™ line included Alan, his pregnant wife, Midge, and their son, Ryan. Alan was sold with Ryan, and there were White versions and Black versions of the dolls, and it included a stroller for Ryan. said that the pregnant Midge doll was "a wonderful prop for parents to use with their children to role-play family situations." Jo Ann Farver, a psychologist from the University of Southern California, was interviewed and she said, "The pregnancy-themed Happy Family dolls complement children's strong interests in family relationships, and supports their social " Midge's pregnancy was so controversial that Walmart stopped selling all of the Happy Family dolls, including Ryan, two weeks before Christmas. Melissa Berryhill, a spokeswoman for Wal-Mart, said, "Customers said they were not happy with the pregnant Midge doll so Wal-Mart removed the entire Happy Family set." [3]

In 2004, more Alan and Ryan dolls were released both in White and Black versions. The theme was it was the 1st birthday of Alan and Midge's baby, Nikki. Also, a gift set named Happy Family Hometown Fair Gift Set was released. It included Alan, Midge, Ryan and Nikki. Happy Family Shopping Fun Midge, Nikki & Baby (C5970) shows that Alan and Midge had another baby after Nikki.

In 2023, Allan was featured in Barbie: The Movie, played by Michael Cera who wears the same outfit and hairstyle as the real doll he's inspired by. In the film he has no interaction with the pregnant Midge character, or any apparent relationship with her.


  • 1964 - Allan Doll (1000): "Allan™ - HE'S KEN'S® BUDDY™ - BY MATTEL® - ALL OF KEN'S CLOTHES FIT HIM!" [1] (straight legs)
  • 1965 - Allan Doll (1010): "Allan™ WITH ‟LIFELIKE” BENDABLE LEGS" [2] [3]
  • 1991 - Wedding Day™ Alan™ (9607): "He's marrying Barbie® doll's best friend Midge®!" [4]
  • 1991 - Wedding Party Midge Gift Set (9852)
  • 2002 - Happy Family™ Alan® & Ryan™ Dolls (56710) [With stroller. There is also a second edition with Midge and baby cardboard cutout inside] [5]
  • 2002 - Happy Family™ Alan® & Ryan™ Dolls (56711) [With stroller. There is also a second edition with Midge and baby cardboard cutout inside] [6]
  • 2004 - Happy Family™ Alan® & Ryan™ Dolls (B5753) [White] [Nikki's birthday] [7]
  • 2004 - Happy Family™ Alan® & Ryan™ Dolls (B5754) [African-American] [Nikki's birthday] [8]
  • 2004 - Happy Family Hometown Fair Gift Set (C5916) [White]
  • 2004 - Happy Family Hometown Fair Gift Set (C7535) [African-American]
  • 2008 - Campus Sweet Shop Midge Doll and Allan Doll Giftset (L9650) [9]
  • 2014 - Double Date 50th Anniversary Giftset (BDH36) [10]