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Alice in Wonderland Barbie is a Silver Label collector Barbie designed by Sharon Zuckerman and released as the premiere doll in the Alice in Wonderland Collection.


Presented as Barbie dressed as Alice, the doll wears a shimmery blue ruffled dress with a red ribbon on the neck and shiny blue heels. She has a bee-hive styled head of hair which cascades down into a wave of ice blonde hair. Her pet is the Cheshire Cat.

Barbie was given a new face sculpt exclusively for this doll, later dubbed the Alice Sculpt. However, it proved to be rather unpopular with collectors due to it being a rather large mold compared to other Barbie Face Sculpts, so it was only used one other time.


  • Being the first doll to use this new sculpt, the face became dubbed the Alice Face Sculpt, named after her.