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Below, please add links for items released in 2017.

 Playline Dolls[]

  • Barbie Video Game Hero
  • Barbie Dolphin Magic
  • Dreamtopia
  • Fashionistas


(labeled as "signature" but don't fall in an official label category)

  • Barbie Graduation Day Doll (FJH66)
  • Barbie Graduation Day Doll (FMP25)
  • Barbie Graduation Day Doll (FTG78)
  • Barbie Hello Kitty Doll

 Global Glamour Collection[]

  • The Global Glamour™ Sorcha™ Barbie® Doll


Pink Label[]

Miscellaneous Pink Label[]

  • Welcome Baby Barbie® Doll

Black Label[]

 Barbie Look Collection[]

  • #TheBarbieLook Barbie Doll – Nighttime Glamour

Wonder Woman Dolls[]

  • I *believe* she is Black Label. Barbie® Wonder Woman™ Doll. # for WW movie version (not B vs. S or Justice League) is this one: DWD82

Gold Label[]

  • Barbie™ Hair Fair Doll Set (50th Anniversary)
  • Barbie® Quinceanera Doll

 Andy Warhol[]

  • Andy Warhol Barbie® Doll

Barbie Fashion Model Collection[]

  • Blue Chiffon Ball Gown Barbie® Doll

 Faraway Forest Collection[]

  • King of the Crystal Cave® Barbie® Doll

Harlem Theatre Collection[]

  • Selma DuPar James™ Barbie® Doll

Platinum Label[]



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