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You may be looking for 1 Modern Circle Ken Doll (B2245).

1 Modern Circle Ken Doll was released in 2003. It is a doll for collectors.


The Barbie Collection[]

"1 Modern Circle Ken doll is a passionate set designer whose style reflects his line of work. Featuring the vintage face sculpt, his hair has been updated to a more modern style with highlights framing his face. He wears dark denim jeans and a leather-like jacket over a green turtleneck. He carries with him a portfolio containing two drawings of his set designs.

Doll cannot hold portfolio as shown."[1]

Entertainment Earth[]

"Ken is art director on the latest film at Modern Circle Production Company. Professionally, he sees Barbie as open and energetic, but while not engaged in business matters, he finds her shy and distant. Ken adores Melody with whom he has worked on two previous films."[2]