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Coolest Thing Ever – piosenka z filmu Barbie: Super Księżniczki.


Takes more than just a cape and tights
To show them what I'm made of
I'll save the world with lightning speed
Nothing to be afraid of

I know what you're thinking:
"A princess can't bring it
All fashion sense and blinging"
But soon you'll be singing

Pre-Chorus: Bam! Pow! Take flight!
Power Princess outta sight!

Whoa-oh, this is just the coolest thing ever
Whoa-oh, I never want it to end
Take a chance, mess it up
That's okay, I won't give up
I'm big enough to try it again
Whoa-oh, the coolest thing ever (ever, ever, ever)

I fly around the world and I
Don't even have to steer you
From independent modern princess
Into superhero

I couldn't stop dreaming
That flying means freedom
And I'll be a hero
That you can believe in


I'm out saving the day
When you give your all
The world's a better place


Coolest Thing Ever (Repryza)[]

We're out saving the day
When you're with me, the world's a better place
Bam! Pow! Best friends!
Power Princess 'til the end!

Whoa-oh, this is like the coolest thing ever
Whoa-oh, we never want it to end
Take a chance, mess it up
That's okay, we don't give up
All because you're my friend
Whoa-oh, we're in this together (together, together, together)

Barbie: Super Księżniczki
Motto: „The power to change the world has been inside you all along.”

Media: Barbie: Super Księżniczki
Postacie: Księżniczka KaraKsiężniczka CorinneBaron von RavendaleMadisonMakaylaKrólowa KarinaKról KristoffWes RiversKsiężniczka ZooeyKsiężniczka GabbyBruceParkerNewton
Lokalizacje: Windemere • Pałac królewski Windemere
Piosenki:Soaring” • „Superhero Beat” • „Coolest Thing Ever

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