Romy, a mermaid

Romy is a character from Barbie and the secret door.She is a mermaid living in Zinnia,the city Princess Alexa discovered behind the secret door.She,along every other creature in Zinnia,has lost her magic,and thus her tail, because Malucia stole it.She becomes friends with Alexa and together they all fight to get their stolen magic back and save Zinnia. She is voiced by Chanelle Peloso.

Character Description[]

Panorama Sticker Storybook[]

Romy is a mermaid from the magical kingdom of Zinnia. She’s friendly and energetic but since Malucia stole her mermaid Tail and magic, she often has trouble adjusting to her legs.

Physical Appearance[]

Romy has strawberry blonde hair which is relatively short and tied in a ponytail. She has light skin and brown eyes. Her outfit's colors are blue and purple and it has a decoration that looks like her mermaid tail. When she was without her tail she was carrying bows and arrows behind her back.


  • "You're Here"
  • "We've Got Magic"


  • "Dive! I mean, halt."
  • "These legs are so impractical!"